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1928 F $2 Two Dollar STAR? Red Seal Legal Tender United States Note

Circulated red seal star note 1928 F.

US 1862 $5 Legal Tender Note FR 61a PMG 64 EPQ V Ch CU (842)

VG: Very Good CU: Crisp Uncirculated. F: Fine Ch: Choice. Appr: Appearing (fault present, see condition). Very infrequently, a mix-up can occur. Encased holders are not accepted. We never enhance any image.

Series 1917 $1 United States Legal Tender Speelman/White 27468

Makes a great gift or new addition to your collection. Send us a quick message when you’ve finished your shopping. We do not offer grades on raw coins and currency. Like & Follow us on Facebook! Any other forms of payments are NOT accepted. Vendio Images: More than just a pretty image. 250+ Mobile Responsive & Active Content Free Listing Templates with Vendio…

1917 $1 Legal Tender Note Columbus Sighting Land Popular Collector Type

Portrait of George Washington at center. Vignette of Columbus sighting land at left. Red Serial numbers and red scalloped Treasury seal. Treasury signatures of Elliott and Burke. NO pinholes or tears.

US 1875 $5 Legal Tender Woodchopper FR 68 PCGS 64 V Ch CU (428)

We stand behind everything we sell. We accept APS, PF, & PSE certificates on philatelic items. Encased holders are not accepted. Specific grades on certificates or confirmation of faults described in the listing. Or the inability of the agency to offer an opinion, will not be grounds for return. Tracking information should be available by the following evening. Please confirm that the item…